Wooden Spoon Services


Wusthof Cutlery

Lifetime Warranty, made in Solingen Germany to exacting standards legislated by the Solingen, German Government these standards must be met to have "made in Solingen Germany" on the knife. Knives are hand forged high carbon stainless steel. Recognized as one of the best in the world. Special Sales currently up to 60% off retail prices.

The Wooden Spoon was recognized for the customer service , specific knowledge and Best sales in Central Fl. The President of Wusthof U.S.A. ,Ed Harald Wusthof, presented the Wooden Spoon with a Commemorative Chef's knife on the Wusthof 200th birthday. Recognized as the Authorized Dealer in the area

Miyabi Cutlery


Lifetime Warranty , made in Japan to Katanna Standards which have been followed to construct Samurai Swords for thousands of years, fifty four layers of hand forged high carbon stainless steel. Extraordinarily sharp with a 10 degree cutting edge. Current sales up to 50% off retail.

Sharpening Service


Our sharpening service is an excellent customer service. The Wusthof and Miyabi cutlery is sharpened free of charge. Others knives are $1.75 ea, household scissors $3.50, pinking shears $5.00 and our professional shear price is $5 ea. the pro fee is outstanding because most Pro sharpening prices are as much as 5X what we charge. Our price is designed as a customer service price. 25 years Experience -satisfaction is guaranteed!

Clad Cookware


Featuring All Clad three ply and copper core in stock. All clad selections from there 5 lines can be ordered with short turnaround .Life time warranty ,made in the U.S.A. current special "try me" pieces promoted by the manufacturer up to 50% off retail.

WOLL Diamond Pro cookware

Introducing WOLL Diamond Pro cookware, recognized as the next generation of diamond nonstick cookware. Did you know that Diamonds conduct heat with 5 times the efficiency as steel? 3 Times Aluminum, and twice that of Copper? This cookware is unbelievable. Sales up to 40% off retail special introductory pricing.

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